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With 20 years of expertise, we're redesigning, reengineering, reimagining and reinventing how reusable packaging programs are managed for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering simple, effective solutions that drive savings and sustainability.

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The Problem EZRack Is Solving

You may not have heard of us, but if you've purchased a plant in the United States, you've likely touched a product that was brought to retail on one of our assets.

EZRack has been in business for over 20 years. We're proud of how we've partnered with the nursery industry to move away from wooden, disposable racking and on to reusable racking, which is now the industry standard for getting plants to retail.

It's better for the environment, and better for balance sheets.
With over 10,000,000 recoveries for our customers, we are ready to do a lot more!

Our History

EZRack was founded in 2000 to meet the needs of nursery growers as they expanded to service nationwide retailers with reusable rack solutions. In the early 2000's we continued our expansion across the United States. Later in 2008, our EZRack was patented. Since then we have continued our expansion, adding new retail partners and offerings to service our customers and other industries.

Read ahead to see the highlights!


EZRack is founded to meet the need of growers as they expand to service large national retailers with rental rack solutions.

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We bring on four retail chains, and continue our regional expansion across the United States. We also sign our first asset management customer outside of the nursery and garden industry.

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The EZRack is patented.

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Our national expansion is complete—making our company nationwide.

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We begin servicing independent garden centers with our rental rack program.


We begin selling racks to customers for internal and/or disposable use. We also expand asset management operations and acquire several nationwide customers.

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We add another two asset management clients, tripling the size of our non-nursery revenue.

El Segundo


Our office relocates to El Segundo, California.

Re For Timeline

20th anniversary! We celebrate with rebranding our parent company to Reusability, and add two more nationwide asset management clients. Don't worry, EZRack hasn't changed, we're just excited for future innovation!


We empower supply chains by driving sustainability and delivering savings

Our Vision

Design and execute the world's most innovative and environmentally sustainable supply chains.

Our Mission

Help companies leverage reusable packaging programs (RPPs) to achieve a positive financial and environmental impact.

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Our Values

Act for the Greater Good

  • We believe in something larger than ourselves.
  • We invest our talent and time in activities that change the arc of people’s lives.
  • We are optimistic and open-minded.

Be a Problem Solver

  • Simplify everything. We root out complexity.
  • Learn from failure and leverage those learnings to do better.
  • We are passionate problem solvers who embrace ambiguity.

Own the Outcome

  • The buck stops with you. Blame no one.
  • Do what you say, say what you do.
  • We define the end-state first, then deliver it on time.

Grow as a Team or Die Trying

  • There is no room for complacency. We are comfortable with change.
  • We are students on a lifelong journey toward mastery.
  • We play football, not golf – we win as a team.

Our Team

We're a group of people committed to eliminating waste from company supply chains.

Ned Tomasevic
Ned Tomasevic

First introduced to his passion for the environment through outdoor sports, Ned explored the world and witnessed the impact humans can have by being wasteful.  Waiting on the sideline was not an option, so he sought to combine the skills he gained in corporate America with his desire to take action to help the environment. 

Fortunately, he found his tribe of like-minded entrepreneurial folks who share his vision of eliminating disposable waste.  Now, he is living his dream and gets to help our team grow together to create a meaningful impact that lasts for generations.  When he is not finding ways to increase our impact, you can find him in the sand or mountains with his wife, children, and friends.

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Tim Strehlow
Tim Strehlow
Vice President, Finance

Tim began his career crunching numbers in Public Accounting before joining a global leader in the Powersports industry. He worked on several acquisitions and high-growth divisions, fueling his passions for Finance, entrepreneurship, and the great outdoors. 

If there is anything he likes more than balancing a budget, it’s balancing our carbon footprint, so Reusability was the perfect next step. Now he works on building our team, our systems, and our finances. When he is not proving to the world that you can save money and the environment simultaneously, he’s most likely “gone fishin."

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Ryan Devlin
Ryan Devlin
Manager, Supply Chain Management

Growing up in NY, traveling summers to National Parks, Ryan grew to have a strong appreciation of the outdoors. This appreciation, coupled with an inherent need to seek out efficiency and eliminate waste, led to a natural alignment with the goals and perspective of EZRack. Today, Ryan works to improve our operational methodology to create a more efficient system servicing the nursery industry and beyond. When enjoying time away, you can find him in automotive-related recreation of autocross and off-road exploration.

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Lucy Diaz
Lucy Diaz
Director, Retail Support

When she first started with EZRack, she was attending college and majoring in psychology, where she discovered her passion for working with people. That passion has continued for years at EZRack, as she has continued to grow within the company and help support its direction. Customer service and sustainability are what keeps her intrigued.

When she is not solving problems and servicing our customers, Lucy enjoys serving home-cooked meals to her family and friends.

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Jim Rice
Jim Rice
Nursery Account Executive, East
Mike Zuanich
Mike Zuanich
Account Manager, Nursery
Katie Jo Dumford_web
Katie Jo Dumford
Nursery Account Executive, West
Chris Sweeney
Chris Sweeney
Site Supervisor, Lake City
Jeff Thibault-1
Jeff Thibault
Site Supervisor, Hastings
Wesley Sistrunk Photo
Wesley Sistrunk
Logistics Coordinator, Operations
Jeremy Aumiller_web
Jeremy Aumiller
Warehouse Associate, Operations
Dave Prenatt_web
Dave Prenatt
Site Supervisor, Sacramento
Brenda Williston
Brenda Williston
Agent, Retail Support
Meggie Nazfiger
Meggie Nafziger
Coordinator, Operations
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill
Cindy Hernandez
Cindy Hernandez
Staff Accountant
Joanna Chen_web
Joanna Chen
Accounting Supervisor
Join The Revolution

Join our Revolution!

We're a tight-knit team of movers and doers. From our home office in El Segundo, California, to employee home offices in Tennessee, Atlanta, Florida, and more, our team's diversity creates a unique work environment. As a team, we are encouraged to be ourselves and reach new heights every day. 

Do you want to be a part of defining an industry? Are you a problem solver and innovator? If so, we'd love to have you on our team.

At EZRack, we promise that you'll work side by side with company leaders and industry pioneers who have created one of the world's most innovative and environmentally sustainable supply chains while helping companies positively impact the environment and their financials. We work hard, and we work smart. Join us! 

Current Opportunities

Employee Love

“I love working at EZRack because I love solving problems and providing a solution for our customers. Sustainability is an important part of what we do and working for a sustainable company means I am part of a larger cause."

Lucy Diaz
Director, Retailer Support

“I love the team we have in place made up of very different backgrounds and personalities all meshing towards a common goal of providing the best service to our customers. Also, having a product that promoted sustainability!"

Mike Zuanich
Account Manager, Nursery

“I enjoy working for EZRack because it is focused on reducing the carbon footprint. This company actively works toward improvement for all stakeholders: customers, employees and their partners."

Giavani Emmanuel
Coordinator, Operations

“The main thing I love about working for EZRack is the people. I also feel appreciated working for this company. Most companies do not do the little things to make an employee feel appreciated."

Jeff Thibault
Supervisor, Hastings Site

“I love working at EZRack because of the new opportunities I am given to grow professionally and develop myself. Also, my co-workers are really a great group of people that make it enjoyable to work towards accomplishing a common goal together."

Cindy Hernandez
Staff Accountant

“I'm proud to work for a company that is making positive impacts in terms of sustainability and one which continues to deliver innovative solutions to the market, empowering supply chain participants to reduce waste and realize savings."

Patrick Hill

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