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Means Nursery Leverages EZRack Rental Racks to Ship Long Distances to Lowe's and The Home Depot Nationwide

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Program Background

Means Nursery is a large wholesale and retail nursery with locations in Oregon, California, and Ohio, which ships shrubs and trees nationwide. They've worked with EZRack for 15+ years, renting racks to ship approximately 87% of their products. A majority of their product is shipped East to big box retailers using one way over the road and intermodal carriers.  

Industry: Nursery
Location: United States retailers, including Lowe's and The Home Depot
Services: Rental Racks
Nursery Worker Watering Plants on EZRacks

The Problem

With three distribution locations spread throughout the country, Means needed a solution to maximize the amount of product they could ship. Approximately 70% of their business is shipped east, over 2,000 miles from their west coast distribution facility.

Means Nursery was looking for a partner who could provide a steady inventory of racks to match their shipments.

The Goal

Provide rental rack inventory that can be shipped via rail across the United States and then recovered from Lowe's and The Home Depot stores.

The Solution

Before using EZRack, Means Nursery floor loaded their products and used wooden racks. They also tried rolling racks but found they weren't the best option for their needs.

Steven Greisen is the President at Means Nursery, Inc. According to Steven, many of their products travel long distances, which is why they like the palletized racks that EZRack provides. "Based on our geographic positions and where we distribute to, we can maximize and get more product on a load with an EZRack then we could on a CC Cart."

Early in the season, Means ships a lot via rail. Rolling racks don't work with rail shipping because products need to be placed on something that is in a fixed location.

Means Nursery's larger products, standing at five to seven feet tall, are shipped directly on pallets in trucks. Products commingle better on a truck with EZRack's palletized racks and pallets than with rolling racks and pallets.

Whether it's shipping long distances via rail or truck, Means Nursery has found that the durability and consistency of EZRacks enable them to ship their products more successfully to their Lowe's and The Home Depot destinations, which is why the strong relationship continues today.

The Results

Since 2015, Means Nursery has rented a total of 164,723 racks from EZRack. Below is the yearly breakdown:

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total
27,409 32,300 35,239 33,700 36,075 164,723


Based on this number, Means Nursery has seen the following sustainability and financial impact vs. if they used wooden racks.

  • Carbon Footprint Savings: Using EZRacks has led to 4,921,475 lbs of CO2 saved. This is equivalent to 1,996 football stadiums, or 1,807 trees saved by using EZRacks.
  • Cost Savings: Means Nursery has saved $2.75MM leveraging EZRacks vs. wooden racks.


"People don't realize how much more product you can keep on a truck with EZRack vs. a CC Cart, especially when you're shipping the larger shrub product. With our product mix, we get approximately 12% more per load on an EZRack vs. a CC Cart."

Steven Greisen
President, Means Nursery

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