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Buying EZRacks

We have been the leader in rental, sales, recovery, and logistics management of environmentally responsible shipping and display systems for the lawn and garden industry for over 20 years. Our patented product available for purchase is the EZRack. You can put it together in less than 5-minutes!

EZRack Features include:

  • Best-in-class interchangeable rack with multiple patents
  • Multiple rack and shelf capacity wood pallets available
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Unique keyhole rivet design, Double Rivet Beam (DRB) locks components together, enabling them to ride securely on standard 48” x 40” pallets without fasteners
  • Adjustable shelves at 1.5 inch increments
  • Delivered directly to the nursery customer
  • Merchandising and seasonal racks customizing options
  • High-quality frame is better than rolling carts or other racks, allowing support for larger, heavier plants
EZRack Rack System

Racks for purchase come in a variety of types.

For Sale Rack Type Rack Capacity Shelf Capacity
Heavy Duty (Black) 1,800 lbs. 400 lbs.
Light Duty (White) 1,000 lbs. 300 lbs.
Economy (Silver) 750 lbs. 200 lbs.


Benefits of Buying EZRacks

Reduce Your Costs

Using EZRack is cheaper than continuing to leverage disposable wood packaging. Not only is it less expensive for you, but also choosing reusable packaging eliminates your customers from incurring disposal fees associated with wooden racks.

Easier Assembly

An EZRack can be built in about 5-minutes using only a mallet, no nail guns. Building wooden racks require a lot of effort, can potentially injure your team, and often have to be made far in advance of shipment. 

Customize To Your Needs

EZRack provides customizable solutions for display and POP merchandising and for customers looking for a specific color or size. We consult with you on the best options and ensure you have them when you need to ship.

*Note, custom racks require a 12-week build time.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Not requiring your customers to break down wooden packaging means less work for them. You can pick up and reuse our racks yourself or allow your customers to use them for storage, give them away, or even sell them locally. 

Service Harder to Reach Customers

If your customers are outside of our retail rental network, buying EZRacks enables you to fulfill those shipments without sacrificing quality.

Faster Loading & Unloading

Get your products into customers’ hands faster. Our optimized process is streamlined and efficient to enable loading & unloading of full-size trucks in 30-minutes. You also have unrestricted access from all four sides to ensure more effortless plant loading and unloading!

Increased Capacity

Leveraging EZRack enables greater “cube out” of space on a truck. You can fit more product per load, with up to 50 half pallet sized racks per truck or 28 full pallet sized racks per truck.

Greater Control

You control pick up and shipping for when demand dictates. You also control how much inventory you need, as purchase racks are available for smaller quantities!

Less Waste

Reusable packaging keeps packaging out of landfills, and outsourcing the collecting is more environmentally friendly. Wooden racks are antiquated and rolling carts have less capacity than EZRacks.

We maintain sufficient inventory to ensure our customers have what they need to ship their products to customers.
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We pick up racks from 10,000+ locations nationwide and growing.

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“…Spring is the peak season when we conduct 80% of our business- we rent racks to flex our capacity…”


“…If I’m shipping to a big box retailer, those are absolutely going to go on EZRacks. They prefer it, and most expect it…”

Logistics & Distribution Manager

“…Sturdy, stationary metal racks allow you to stack large plants or plants of higher weight. Wheeled carts usually have much lower weight limits, and with the larger racks you can stack large pots and ornamental bushes that are bigger than some of your other products several times over without having to worry about stability…”


“…Long distance shippers prefer to use EZRack because otherwise you have no way of getting your own racks back…”


“…With EZRack, you can get more on the rack. It might be a more efficient use of space, which makes sense in long-haul shipping when you’re paying for the freight…”


“…We’ve worked towards moving away from using wood. We really want to avoid it due to price fluctuation. You don’t get the consistency that you’d have with something reusable…”


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