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Increase Sales and Help the Environment

See why retailers love having our rental and display racks in their stores.

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Trusted by 10,000+ retailers and growing

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Our Retail Partnerships

Serving the most respected and growing nurseries nationwide and in Canada, they leverage our reusable packaging programs to ship their products to our national network of retail partners. Our patented EZRack, can come fully kitted and retail-ready so that consumers can easily purchase products directly from them. We make creating eye-catching displays for grocery, drug, warehouse and other retailers simple and affordable.

We also offer innovative solutions for seasonal products and holiday merchandise such as pumpkins, wreaths, and watermelons. No matter the weather or seasonality, our EZRacks hold up to deliver and display the best products for consumers.

On average, retailers see sell-through increases of 20% using our racks, and best of all, the racks don't cost them anything.

Because of our 20+ years’ experience, we also are able to leverage our dedicated national network to pick up and move store fixtures, such as caselines, carpet, jewelry displays, and more between stores and in and out of storage.

Every year, we recover 500,000+ returnable assets for our customers, representing $400MM of retail revenue.

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Our expertise enables us to work with different types of retail partners

National Retailers

Regional Retailers

Independent Garden Centers

How Our Rental Program Works


We ship to growers, manufacturers, or merchandisers at the time of need or beginning of the season.



They build the racks and load them with products that can be shrink-wrapped for shipping.



Racks are loaded onto trucks, maximizing truck space, and are shipped directly to retailers.



Product arrives at retailer ready to be sold.



Once retailers are finished with the racks, they notify us, and we pick them up. The entire experience is outsourced to us!


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Racked plants look better and sell faster

Example 1

Plants Before No Shadow-1
Plants After-1

“The Spirea plants started to sell when it was put on the rack!"


Example 2

Plants Before 2-2

Benefits of Working with Us

No Capital Investment

Our program costs retailers nothing as manufacturers and suppliers invest in our solutions. Our customers can see an increase in sales per pallet position by 50-200%. Once products are sold, we collect the racks from your locations within a week.

Increased Revenue

Organizing products on a display that is attractive increases sell-through and profits. Greater density on the displays leads to increase revenue per square foot.


With reusable packaging, you don't have to incur costs throwing things away.  We keep packaging out of landfills, meaning a smaller footprint on our environment and a greater chance of realizing sustainability goals.

Saves Time & Money

Save on labor and potential comp claims from injuries sustained unloading and tearing down single-use packaging. Reusable packaging eliminates disposal fees that single-use packaging creates.

Faster Turnaround

Products are shipped ready to be displayed, meaning items don’t need to be remerchandised by your store personnel.

Reduce Hassle

Our dedicated retail support team will call to schedule rack pick-up, so you can focus on your business and leave the racks to us.

Sustainability Is the Future

We know that many companies have ambitious sustainability goals and we want to help you reach them. We also understand how difficult it is for companies to track their sustainability gains and report them.  That's why we provide our customers with best-in-class sustainability reporting, based on metrics important to them such as CO2 saved, tons of waste avoided, and dollars saved.

Sample Sustainability Reporting-3

Check Out Where We Are Located

We pick up racks from 10,000+ locations nationwide and growing.

Check out our locations below!

Store Associates Love Us!

“The Spirea started to sell when it was put on the rack!”


“We like that the racks come apart fairly easily since we sometimes need the space”

The Home Depot

“I was happy with how responsive they are in getting racks cleaned up when needed.”

The Home Depot

“I like that the plants can be left on the racks during bad weather.”


“Using EZRack saved us 90%, in excess of $5MM annually. Instead of fixtures winding up in the trash, we got to reuse them at other stores. A win-win if I’ve ever seen one.”

Director of Construction
Major American Retailer

“Some stuff just doesn’t fit on carts… with small shrubs, we are only able to get 20 on the cart, but with a pallet rack, we can order at 80 a whack. Instead of needing 4 carts, you’ve got one pallet rack… it depends on the size.”

District Manager

Retailer Footer

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