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Work with the leader in rental, sales, recovery, and logistics management of environmentally responsible shipping and display systems for the lawn and garden industry.

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Customers have partnered with us for 20+ years.

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Serving nurseries nationwide for 20 years and counting.
We saw that nurseries and retailers needed returnable packaging that fit perfectly in trucks. So we worked with them to build our patented EZRack, available to rent or buy. Those same nurseries and retailers partnered with us to recover racks to lower costs and reduce environmental waste. We've built a dedicated national network of over 40 independently owned recovery facilities and have leveraged that network to pick up assets from retailers and independent garden centers.

We’ve done over 10,000,000 recoveries for our customers, serving 10,000+ retail locations.
Our expertise enables us to provide the asset tracking and recovery necessary to make the circular supply chain possible for any nursery or grower that wants to see the benefits of reusable packaging.

New Brand Look. Same Customer Service.
We are incredibly thankful to our customers, many who have trusted and partnered with us for 20 years. We look forward to continuing to serve them and you with strong relationships and innovation for the next generation of the nursery industry.

20+ Years

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recoveries of reusable packaging

What We Do

We make it simple for growers and nurseries to get their products to customers safely and efficiently. Our patented shipping and display rack, known as EZRack, is available to rent or buy and only takes 5-minutes to put together! We maintain a rental base of over 100,000+ racks and service 10,000+ retail and independent garden center locations nationwide.

EZRack is the perfect solution for transporting your plants, and customization is available for seasonal offerings or point of purchase merchandising. Our solution is turnkey, and we try to keep it as simple as possible for growers. After products are sold, we will recover the racks quickly and deliver them to another customer in need.  

Our reach is nationwide, with over 40 independently owned recovery facilities. For customers who own their shipping assets, we can recover them, so you don't have to. Our proprietary software and full call center enable our customers to leverage reusable instead of disposable packaging. We understand what it takes to successfully ship and recover racks in the nursery and garden industry.

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Solutions Designed For You

Customers trust us to do the following:

Rent EZRacks

An EZRack rental program makes it simple for you to deliver products efficiently and safely to your retail and independent garden centers nationwide. We handle all the logistics of pick up after you ship, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Buy EZRacks

The patented EZRack can be customized to fit your product needs. Save money by owning your rack assets, so you can quickly ship when you need to get products to retailers and independent garden centers.


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Cart & Rack Sweeps

Our asset recovery solutions are for customers who ship their own carts, racks, and displays to customers. This turnkey solution takes the burden off of you, so you can focus on other priorities.




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Supporting Retailers


Every year, we recover 500,000+ returnable assets for our customers, representing $400MM of retail revenue. Average sell-through at retail increases 20% using our racks.





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Join Us In Building A More Sustainable Planet 

To date,
we have helped
our customers avoid emissions of


pounds of CO2

That equals
the same amount of carbon
sequestered by a forest of an area equivalent to


football stadiums

Why Work With Us?

Lower Cost, Less CapEx

EZRacks are more cost-effective than other options. Renting racks allows less upfront cost for nurseries and eliminates recurring capital investment in racks and fleet. 

Reduce Waste

Meet sustainability goals with EZRack! Reusable packaging keeps packaging out of landfills, and outsourcing the collecting is more environmentally friendly. Wooden racks are antiquated and rolling carts have less capacity than EZRacks. 

Increased Capacity

Leveraging EZRacks enables greater “cube out” of space on a truck. You can fit more product per load, with up to 50 racks per truck.

Minimal Disruption to Plants

Shipping plants on the rack in which they will be displayed minimizes the handling, reducing shrinkage and damage. EZRacks are sturdy and durable for long-distance shipping and heavier plant loads.

Reduces Workload

Nurseries can focus on cultivation and allow EZRack to handle all logistics of collecting racks and assets from retailers. We act as a critical outsourced supply chain service. You don’t have to worry about any return trips, we pick up the racks!

Strong National Relationships

Regional nurseries can leverage our established relationships with national retailers and dealers, which keeps you from having to maintain a distribution network to recover racks.

Faster Loading & Unloading

Get your products into customers’ hands faster. Our optimized process is streamlined and efficient to enable loading & unloading of full-size trucks in 30-minutes!

Customer Value

Working with us means you have access to a dedicated support team. EZRack enjoys sticky customer relationships with ~90% recurring revenue and a 10+ year average tenure of top customers.

Easier Assembly

An EZRack can be built in about 5-minutes using only a mallet, no nail guns. Building wooden racks require a lot of effort, can potentially injure your team, and often have to be made far in advance of shipment.

Retailers Love EZRack

We recover assets from 10,000+ locations nationwide and growing.
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