At EZ Shipper Racks we have been providing growers and nurseries with high quality ONE WAY rental racks for over a decade

Rental Program

  • Growers place an order and EZ Racks are delivered directly to the grower’s requested location.
  • Grower simply notifies EZR of authorized retailer shipments via our EZR RTS (Rack Tracking System).
  • EZR handles the rest as our dedicated retail support team calls stores to pick-up racks.

Contact our Rental Team to Inquire:
877-977-7225 (Ext. 102)

Benefits of Using EZ Rack Rentals

Our process is simple and effective to save growers time and money. You simply choose the racks you need and we can handle the rest.

The Benefits


Growers and nurseries have a lot of volatility in their forecasts. Our pooled-asset model provides you with flexibility so you can always get the racks you need, when you need them. With a rental pool of over 130,000 racks we always have the racks you need!


We help growers free up capital by only having you pay for the racks that you need. This will allow for a lower cost of operation.

Worry Free

Managing nursery racks is a headache. Loss rates, turn rates, repair and maintenance, rack tracking... We take the worry out of rack ownership or rentals


Because our pooled-asset model reduces the miles empty racks have to travel, we've been helping reduce the industry's carbon footprint dramatically for almost 20 years.


Our proactive repair and maintenance programs keep our racks in tip top shape. By building the best racks upfront, we save time and headaches with no broken racks.


Our Patented Designed EZ Racks

  • Ideal for shipping to retail locations not in our rental network
  • Rides on a pallet
  • Adjustable shelves every 1.5 inches
  • Double Rivet Beam (DRB) locking system
  • One-Step Locking
  • 3-rack thickness types to customize your rack capacity to your shipment weight
  • Customize height, color, and thickness of the rack to your design and specifications

EZ Rack Types

  • Heavy Duty Rack (Black)
    Cap: 1,800 Lbs.
    Shelf Cap: 400 Lbs.

  • Light Duty Rack (White)
    Rack Cap: 1,000 Lbs.
    Shelf Cap: 300 Lbs.

  • Economy Rack (Silver)
    Rack Cap: 750 Lbs.
    Shelf Cap: 200 Lbs.

Purchase or Rent Racks Today

Contact our Shipping Solution Team to inquire:

877-977-7225 (Ext. 102)

Retailer Highlights

Our national recovery network also recycles hundreds of thousands of racks each year:

  • Increase Store Efficiency — Saving countless hours of labor time spent loading and unloading plant product.
  • Reduce Hassle — Our dedicated retail support team will coordinate with your shipments and schedule rack pick-up, so you can focus on your business and leave the racks to us.
  • Reduce Waste — Saving the environment from deforestation from wood production with a reusable live goods transportation program.
  • Easy Inventory Management — Our Rack Tracking System offers a simple tool to track shipments


Our customers are some of most innovative nurseries in the country. We greatly appreciate their support. In addition to our existing national retailer network, we now service more than 500 Independent Garden Centers (IGC’s) nationwide and are expanding.

EZR works closely with both customers and retailers to further ingrain itself within the nursery supply chain cycle and to ensure a premium service offering

EZR Value for Nurseries

Outsourcing rack ownership gives nurseries the ability to utilize racks without needing to make any capital investment

Keeps the nurseries from having to maintain a distribution network to recover the racks at retailer locations

Eliminates any inventory management costs and risk of lost racks

EZR Value for Retailers

Provides clean and efficient presentation and storage of plants at retail stores

Does not require the retailer to make any capital investment or take custody of any assets

Does not require any in-store labor to break down racks


Minimal Disruption to Plants

We state that the rack is a display unit however we preach that it is a shipping unit 

Operating Model Flexes With Each Grower’s Business

Allows growers to scale up production as demand dictates without incurring the additional cost associated with acquiring more racks

Ability to grow quickly without sacrificing profitability

Retailers Interact with a Limited Number of Vendors

By working with EZR, national chains limit the number of growers and logistics service providers with which they must coordinate to ensure a steady flow of product to each location

More Efficient Rack Recovery and Reconditioning

Value-added recovery services outside the core focus of national and regional nursery operations

Allows growers to focus on core competencies

Customer Reviews

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EZR Logistics is a reverse logistics service provider and asset rental company. Utilizing a proprietary software tracking system, EZR provides customers a solution for recovering reusable shipping materials, while enabling them to lower the cost and eliminate the environmental impact of using wasteful disposable materials.

As the pioneer of reverse logistics in the Nursery industry, EZR has built a national network of independently-owned, regional distribution centers recovering assets from over 10,000 retail locations across the country.

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