Save money right now!
Use EZR Logistics to recover and return your shipping crates for reuse.

Reuse your packaging for years to come
Paying for disposables and dealing with product damage headache

Reduce your
Operating and Capital
Expenses immediately

EZR Logistics can help to protect your supply chain and your revenue.

  • By reusing crates, you can protect your business in the event your crate supplier has any delays in manufacturing or delivering the new crates you need to meet all your orders.

EZR Logistics guarantees the pickup, inspection, and return
of your shipping crates from almost anywhere in the lower 48 states USA including parts of Canada and Mexico.

EZ Recovery services has picked up over
10,000,000 crates
for reuse over
the last 10 years.

How can you tell if EZ Recovery services can help you save money?

  • For most companies it comes down to three simple Yes/No questions:

  • Does your packaging material
    cost more than $100 per shipment? *

  • Is your packaging material
    durable enough to be reusued?

  • Do you ship more than
    1,000 unit loads per year to multiple locations
    or customers?

  • If you answered yes to all three
    please contact us now to see how much you can save.

  • * A shipping crate is the packing material that is removed from the pallet/product before the end customer purchase is made.

Contact us now to see how much you can save in 2020.


EZR Logistics is a reverse logistics service provider and asset rental company. Utilizing a proprietary software tracking system, EZR provides customers a solution for recovering reusable shipping materials, while enabling them to lower the cost and eliminate the environmental impact of using wasteful disposable materials.

As the pioneer of reverse logistics in the Nursery industry, EZR has built a national network of independently-owned, regional distribution centers recovering assets from over 10,000 retail locations across the country.

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