Save money right now!
Use EZ Rack to get your plant to market.

Why pay to recover,
your own racks

or use disposable,
wooden racks?

We can help you
get your live goods to retail
at a lower cost.

EZ Rack can meet your unique needs and has racks ready to ship right now.

  • You can rent our EZ Rental Racks to reduce your Capital spending.

  • Or you can buy our custom EZ Racks to lower your Operating Expenses for any location where we do not offer our rental program.

EZ Rack already recovers racks from the largest live goods retailers nationwide.

EZ Rack has the largest network of trucks that can guarantee the pickup and return of every rack.

  • EZRack has picked up over 10 million racks for reuse over the last 10 years.

  • We partner with retailers to manage recovery so you can focus on selling product.

Contact us now to see how much you can save in 2020.

If you don’t know us already, EZRack provides growers and nurseries with reusable retail ready metal shipping racks to get their plants and produce to market. Our racks are a much lower cost option than one time disposable containers. Our metal racks can help to improve your cube efficiency on the trucks, and also can reduce handling, damage, and losses in transit. When the rack is empty EZ Rack arranges for the pickup and return of the rack for the next shipment.

*Sales Rack Quantities in the US are limited, and sold on first come first served basis. Please provide a 10 week lead time for Sale Rack orders to ensure delivery and contact us for details on current stock inventory levels.


EZR Logistics is a reverse logistics service provider and asset rental company. Utilizing a proprietary software tracking system, EZR provides customers a solution for recovering reusable shipping materials, while enabling them to lower the cost and eliminate the environmental impact of using wasteful disposable materials.

As the pioneer of reverse logistics in the Nursery industry, EZR has built a national network of independently-owned, regional distribution centers recovering assets from over 10,000 retail locations across the country.

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