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Our Cart Sweeps Program Gives Nationwide Grower the Network, Flexibility, and Savings They Need

Company Background

A nationwide grower, wholesaler, and distributor of tailored floral solutions to retailers started working with us in 2014 to purchase racks to transport several of their product lines. After seeing success with the purchased racks, and the vast network that we have for recovering their rental racks, the Director of Logistics and Purchasing sought out EZRack to recover their owned carts from Sam’s Clubs nationwide. 

Industry: Nursery
Location: Sam’s Clubs nationwide, with particular focus on Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri
Services: Cart Sweeps & Purchase Racks
Empty Carts Ready for a Cart and Rack Sweep

The Problem

Before working with us, the grower recovered their own carts from retail. This cost them extra money and time to coordinate the recovery and transportation through their shipping network. 

Not having expertise in recovery logistics, they were looking for a partner that could provide the experience and network to take over this responsibility, while providing the customer service to make it easy for their staff.

The Goal

The goal for this client was to leverage EZRack to recover their carts that they distribute to Sam’s Clubs nationwide, specifically focusing on Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Eastern Missouri.

The Solution

Leveraging EZRack for cart sweeps provides multiple benefits for clients. These include:

  • Network: We offer a nationwide network that clients typically don’t have available themselves. This enables carts to be picked up more efficiently and faster than if the client were to recover themselves.
  • Flexibility: We give clients the flexibility they need for starting cart sweep programs. Clients can notify us close to when they need the program to start, and we can react quickly to get cart sweeps completed within a week. Also, we can adjust based on client needs if they require changes to the timeline for cart sweep completion.
  • Cost & Product Savings: Because of our nationwide network and experience, we typically see a higher cart recovery and better cost than when clients fulfill sweeps themselves. In addition, carts tend to dwell at locations when recovery isn’t the primary focus of the business. Given our expertise in this area, clients typically experience less loss of product then when fulfilling sweeps themselves or with another vendor.

Because of the success the client experienced in Spring and Fall seasons with our cart sweeps, in 2019 they added winter months for their Poinsettia products.

The Results

This client typically does three (3) cart sweeps per program with EZRack per year to coincide with Spring, Fall, and Winter seasons. In 2019, we recovered the following client-owned carts: 

Spring 2019

Fall 2019

Winter 2019

Total 2019






In total, working with EZRack, this client has recovered 11,500 carts for reuse. That equates to the following:

  • Cost Savings: We saved the client $579,000 worth of carts being lost, providing a 122% return on investment.
  • Reduce Waste: We prevented 1,000 tons of waste from going to landfills over 3 years.

Besides cart recovery, thus far in 2020, this grower has purchased 10,000 EZRacks.

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