A Practical, Sustainable Solution—The EZ Rack

After years providing packaging to nurseries, our founder saw that nurseries and retailers needed returnable packaging that fit perfectly in trucks. We worked with nurseries and retailers to design our patented EZ Shipper Rack. We partnered with them to recover our racks from retailers to lower costs and reduce environmental waste.

Over the years we have built a dedicated national network to support our partners. Having done over 10,000,000 recoveries for our customers, we continue to be the nation’s leading supplier of recoverable shipping and display racks to the lawn and garden industry.

Our One-Way Shipping Solution

  • Disassembled racks are delivered to your nursery.
  • Nurseries assemble racks and ship products to retailers, generally within 21 days.
  • Nurseries inform EZR of Rental Rack shipment via our online Rack Tracking System
  • Empty racks are moved by retailers to a central location for EZR recovery.
  • The EZR call center calls retailer to confirm number of empty racks and dispatches Rental Rack recovery agents.
  • The recovery agent disassembles the racks and returns rack back to the repackager location
  • Leveraging our national network of 40+ strategically positioned recovery facilities, we sort rack components and repair broken ones and re-palletize racks for delivery within 48 hours.
  • We coordinate delivery back to rental customers based on current inventory levels and forecasted needs.

Benefits of Renting our Racks

Get your products into customers’ hands faster. Our optimized process is streamlined and efficient.
Reusable packaging keeps packaging out of landfills. Wooden racks are antiquated.
Regional nurseries leverage our national network to deliver to retailers or growers.
Renting racks allows less upfront fixed costs, predictable cost for nurseries and eliminates recurring capital investment.
Nurseries can focus on cultivation and allow EZR to handle reverse logistics of retrieving racks from retailers.
Shipping plants on the rack minimizes handling of products, reduces damage and improves sell-through.

Our Patented Rental Racks

1. A best-in-class interchangeable rack with multiple patents

2. High-capacity rack capacity 1,800 pounds / shelf capacity up to 400 pounds

3. Secure ride on pallets without fasteners

4. Adjustable shelves at 1.5 inch increments

5. Delivered directly to the nursery customer

  •  3 level racks: 350 per truckload
  •  4 level racks: 300 per truckload

6. Easily recoverable: After the nursery notifies us that the shipment has been made to the retailer, we coordinate with the retailer to recover the rack

Customizable Racks for Purchase

For additional applications, we supply custom racks for purchase.

  • Customized for Shipper Display
  • Shipped anywhere, you own the rack
  • Adjustable shelves every 1.5 inches

Custom racks require 12-week lead time

For Sale Rack TypeRack CapacityShelf Capacity
Heavy Duty (Black)1,800 lbs400 lbs
Light Duty (White)1,000 lbs300 lbs
Economy (Silver)750 lbs200 lbs

To Purchase or Rent Our Racks

Contact our Shipping Solution Team to learn More: Call Us: 877-977-7225 (Ext. 102)

Retail Partners

Why Retailers Love Us

Saves Time And Money: Saves labor and potential claims unloading plants. No in-store labor to break down racks.

Retail Ready: Our racks are a great merchandising tool.

Reduces Waste: Supports sustainability initiatives.

No Capital Investment: Our program costs retailers nothing.

Space Saver: We get racks out of stores within a week.

Effortless Recovery: Our support team coordinates shipments and schedules rack pickup.


Our Retail Partners

We pick up racks from 10,000 locations nationwide. Click Here for a list of the retail locations we service with our rental racks. We service most major retail chains as well as more than 1,700 Independent Garden Centers (IGCs) nationwide. Click here to request that your retail location be added to our network!


EZR Logistics is a reverse logistics service provider and asset rental company. Utilizing a proprietary software tracking system, EZR provides customers a solution for recovering reusable shipping materials, while enabling them to lower the cost and eliminate the environmental impact of using wasteful disposable materials.

As the pioneer of reverse logistics in the Nursery industry, EZR has built a national network of independently-owned, regional distribution centers recovering assets from over 10,000 retail locations across the country.

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